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Carol Talbot here, Master Trainer of NLP (neuro linguistic programming), that also includes Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis, author Amazon best seller ‘Hitting the Wall… and breaking through.’ It’s really excited to be sharing this FREE video series with you because I get asked questions about NLP all the time.

People are not really sure what it is. Is it about programming your mind? Is it to do with your language? The answer to both those questions is YES…and so much more!

If you’ve heard my story, you’ll know that it’s the questions that have continuously driven me to seek and search for more…through reading and attending lots of personal development courses. When I came across NLP, I just knew I had come across something different…and I knew that because I took quantum leaps forward in my own life both personally and professionally.

Hundreds of people have already been through our transformational programs and using the tools and techniques they’ve learnt, have gone on to set up their own business, create amazing relationships in their life, have been empowered to have the courage to step out to get the job of their dreams….and so much more.

It’s my goal and personal mission to share these tools and techniques with YOU…and as many people as possible!

Does it really work….is it just another self-help program with lots of hype?

Well if you’ve ever wondered what NLP is, and more importantly, can it help YOU achieve more and improve your life, I’ve put together this FREE video series (4 short videos), so you can really understand what NLP is, and how it can help you in your life.

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Customer Testimonial

"Carol Talbot is certainly a Master Trainer on the NLP Master Practitioner course.  She'll change your LIFE and it is the course that makes the difference!!" -- Alma Griffiths

Customer Testimonial

"Thank you for the most amazing experience you gave us in this program, and for pushing me to go where I've never been, and where I needed to go.....and breakthrough! It has been one of the most enlightening moments in my life!" --Tamara Hassan

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